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Research has shown an alarming decrease in the number of children actively riding bicycles. From 2000 to 2010, the number of children riding bicycles decreased by more than 20% despite a 3% increase in the population of children during that time. Around 30% of all American children between the ages of 5 and 14 have never ridden a bicycle and less than 5% of children ride a bicycle on any given day. Despite these numbers, bicycling is the second most popular outdoor activity among youth in America and the fourth most popular outdoor activity among American Adults. The two most frequently given reasons for not cycling are a lack of access to a bicycle and a lack of awareness of safe venues for cycling. In dealing with an epidemic of obesity and inactivity, it is important to build access to the sport of cycling while increasing awareness of bicycle safety and organized cycling activities.

GearUp exists to get kids on bikes. We do this work through initiatives that are designed to break down the barriers to riding. GearUp has no geographic boundaries, our programs are designed to be used anywhere and we offer support free of charge to help people committed to our mission. 

We look forward to working with as many partners as we can engage.

The mission is simple, the results are changing communities. 

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